Before you Arrive

Send your signed confirmation slip back.

Fill out insurance form and return it.

Reserve linen packages – you are welcome to bring your own from home. Linen packages include: 2 Flat sheets, 3 Towels and 3 Washcloths – Blankets, pillows and pillow cases are provided.

Reserve extra boats and motors – we supply one 16’ boat – no motors. You must have a motorized boat with you – either bring your own boat and motor, bring a motor to put on the supplied 16’ boat, or rent a motor to put on the supplied 16’ boat.

Ice is available at base camp and amounts can be determined upon your arrival.

We will accept money orders, travelers checks, cash, MasterCard or Visa. Most credit card companies are now charging at least a 3% fee for transactions made in a foreign country. With this increase of cost for you, along with increasing costs for us, in mind, we will now accept a personal check from our repeat guests.

Boarding time is 2:00pm on the date of your arrival. Please do not plan to arrive early, as we need time to prepare the boat for your use and your early arrival will cause unnecessary delays in getting the boat ready.

Departure time is 8:00am on the date of your departure. When estimating your time of arrival at the dock, please keep in mind that the boat must be turned over to us by 8:00, this means your gear must be off the boat by 8:00am. Late departures cannot be allowed, as the boats need to be readied for the next guest the same day. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Be sure to reserve your extra rental items in advance, as we cannot guarantee that they will be available upon your arrival unless they are reserved. You will be responsible for payment of all items reserved.